Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First Week

Hey guys! I have a lot of pictures that I wanted to send to you but our computers aren't letting any of us send them. But anyway.. The MTC has been amazing! I cant even begin to tell you how strong I've felt the spirit while I've been here. 

The first night was a little crazy because me and my companion had no clue where to go! But we finally found out where everything was. The second day we started teaching our first Investigator who's name is Raphael, and actually when we teach him today we are confirming a baptism with him! 

At the end of my day we got called into meetings to meet with President Callister and at the end of the night I was assigned to be a District leader. 

I'm pretty happy that I'm only here until Monday because we have all the people going to Russia in our dorm, and they have kind of gone insane after about 8 weeks here, haha. Now I'm teaching three investigators and one member who is from Hawaii and we get to Skype her every now and then! It's amazing how sensitive the Hawaiian people are to the spirit. I can't wait to write you guys again when I'm in Hawaii next week!!

Love you all. 
Elder Collings

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Call

July 25th, 2015. The call arrived.  What a surprise!!

Then it was time to buy suits!! Fun times at Mr Mac's!

Conner's farewell was on October 18th. He gave an amazing talk!  We had a lot of family and friends come over. Such a great day!!

We spent Conner's last family night home at Casa Del Rey in Grantsville. 

The only person missing in this family picture is Chris. So happy to have everyone together!!

Conner was set apart on October 20th by his dad. 

It's official!

Elder Conner Michael Collings was called to serve in the Hawaii, Honolulu mission. He was set apart tonight by his dad, President Stephen Collings. Bags are packed, he's ready to go. Just thought I'd upload a few pictures! Let the fun begin.