Sunday, December 6, 2015

Making an IMU pit

This week has really showed me the culture out here! I love all the people of Hawaii so much! 

The first story that happened this week was when I went and visited a less active family. When we showed up they were already leaving, so I just shared a scripture with them. We just talked about their story with them for a little bit. We found out the sister's brother, who we were talking to, is homeless. He was really skinny and only had a small z! He knew a lot about the church because when he was being raised he went to seminary and other church activities! So he was really nice to us. He had some food that he had been given on Thanksgiving from someone! He gave us over half of his plate! And for them you never deny food or money etc.. because it's very disrespectful. So even though we tried to say no, he ended up making us take it. I had some money in my pocket so I tried to offer it to him. And he just said "no, no. I have plenty" and pulled out a couple bucks in his pocket. So I tried to give it to him again and he just said no, you've already helped just by being here to talk with me. 

Another thing that happened this week was right after Thanksgiving! I learned how to cook the food underground! They call it an Imu pit over here! I did a lot of service working in an imu pit! So my shoes were pretty messed up haha! But one of the members just gave me a brand new pair of Nike shoes like it was no big deal! I can't tell you how nice these people are over here.  (We asked Conner to show us how to cook this way when he gets home) It's really different! We wouldn't be able to do it the right way back home. You need banana leaves because they hold a lot of water, and you put them everywhere! Then you also need lava rock, because other rocks will explode because they get too hot.