Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter in Hawaii

We had a really good week! We visited a lot of people and I was able to show Elder Gunnell all of the people we teach! We set a new investigator with a baptismal date and are working with her!  We were able to teach a really awesome lesson in gospel principles and our investigator loved it! So we are excited to teach him in these coming weeks. But I'm loving Kalihi and loving working with everyone here. It been a great experience! 

We had a really good Easter! As always we had lots of food haha! I'm really lucky I've been in so many walking and biking areas.. or else I'd really be getting fat right now hahaha! We had a great experience this week though! As a District we fasted and flooded two of our areas this week! While we were flooding our area we met this family who aren't members but the have a lot of family that are members! She was really excited and when we asked if we could have a lesson she said yes! When we went give give her a restoration pamphlet she said oh that looks just like the one my auntie gave me! She had already been taught a lot of things! And we are having our next lesson with them tomorrow! So hopefully all goes well! Its amazing how when we take that extra step forward the lord give us so many blessings in return! I hope you have an amazing week! Elder Collings