Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hard week with lots of blessings

I feel bad for President Bekker here! The past 2 transfers there has been over 20 missionaries coming in and not a lot leaving!

This week was pretty hard but lots of blessings! We're biking so we did a lot of traveling this week haha! We contacted all of the referrals that were givin to us last week and had a lot of success come from it! We had 5 Investigators come to church and last week we only had one. So the work is picking up a lot! One of the families we are teaching the husband just got diagnosed with Kidney cancer and when he figured out he called us and asked us to give him a blessing and after he said he felt really good and calm and said it helped him a lot. He'll go to Oahu to the hospital there to get surgery and get the treatments so hopefully all goes well. But all in all this week was awesome. The start of this transfer we got whitewashed in so we didn't know the area or people at all and when we looked at our area book no one ever even touched it so there was no investigators or potential investigators so I thought it was going to be pretty rough! But as we have worked really hard, the ward has really began to trust us and give us people to teach and now we are teaching 5 families definitely very grateful to be in this ward! Love you guys and I hope you have a great week. Elder Collings

(Mom here, this week Conner did not send a letter, just 14 pictures. I'm posting his pictures with the letter from last week. )

Funny pictures with me and Kirkham


Me working on my bike for about an hour hahaha 

Had fun during the sunset in kihei ha