Sunday, December 6, 2015

Making an IMU pit

This week has really showed me the culture out here! I love all the people of Hawaii so much! 

The first story that happened this week was when I went and visited a less active family. When we showed up they were already leaving, so I just shared a scripture with them. We just talked about their story with them for a little bit. We found out the sister's brother, who we were talking to, is homeless. He was really skinny and only had a small z! He knew a lot about the church because when he was being raised he went to seminary and other church activities! So he was really nice to us. He had some food that he had been given on Thanksgiving from someone! He gave us over half of his plate! And for them you never deny food or money etc.. because it's very disrespectful. So even though we tried to say no, he ended up making us take it. I had some money in my pocket so I tried to offer it to him. And he just said "no, no. I have plenty" and pulled out a couple bucks in his pocket. So I tried to give it to him again and he just said no, you've already helped just by being here to talk with me. 

Another thing that happened this week was right after Thanksgiving! I learned how to cook the food underground! They call it an Imu pit over here! I did a lot of service working in an imu pit! So my shoes were pretty messed up haha! But one of the members just gave me a brand new pair of Nike shoes like it was no big deal! I can't tell you how nice these people are over here.  (We asked Conner to show us how to cook this way when he gets home) It's really different! We wouldn't be able to do it the right way back home. You need banana leaves because they hold a lot of water, and you put them everywhere! Then you also need lava rock, because other rocks will explode because they get too hot.  

Monday, November 23, 2015

Speaking like the natives

This week was pretty awesome! We just decided to go tracting!! So we pulled over and started! No one answered for quite awhile.. But by the end we found 2 new investigators!! So that was really cool. 

Yesterday one of the presidents counselors came to our ward and pulled me aside. He has a really close friend that just went through a really hard time... he used to be pretty anti-mormon from what the members have told me haha! But I guess from some of the things he has gone through, he decided he wants to learn more about the church!! So we are starting our lessens with him next week! 

Other than that we pretty much just met with our normal investigators and less actives! I'm getting myself ready for Thanksgiving.. I'm not too excited! We have been invited to eat at at least 6 different places and of course everyone here eats A TON.. So Thursday I'm probably going to be pretty sick haha!! 

Everything is going really good! People are telling me that they think I've lived here for awhile because I can speak Pideon pretty good now! So that's been really fun!

Love Elder Collings

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A new investigator

So this week we found a new investigator! Me and my companion were pretty tired after waking up so we decided to go get a drink to start off the day! When we showed up to the gas station the girl there just started talking to us and asked about our church and we just answered some questions for her and we just simply asked if she wanted to know more about our church and she said she would really like that for her and her boyfriend, so she asked us for our numbers! We wrote down our phone number and gave her a pass along card and she said she would call us once she gets off work! So that was the highlight for the week haha!

 We are just finishing up with the three investigators with baptism dates, and one is coming up here pretty soon! All of the other people that we are meeting with are all members, but they are either less active or inactive so we are just trying to bring them all back to church again! But because of that we normally always have around 7-10 people that don't normally come to church are showing up again every week! 

One of the sad things here is that there are some kids that want to learn but their parents don't want them to listen, so when the do, the get disciplined. We try to help the best we can. It's been really awesome though because a lot of the people that we meet with have gone through a lot of hard things, so I'm able to relate to them a little bit and answer questions that they have, so I've become really close with a couple of my investigators!

The wards that we serve in are awesome! They are a little too nice.. .Everyday we have lunch and dinner at a member's house, and pretty much every night and they just keep bringing out more and more food haha! I made the mistake once, because I was really hungry, I ate a ton on my first serving! So we ended up having like two more servings after that, and then a ton of dessert. I was pretty sick that night haha! When I first came out I was around 160 lbs... and now I'm right on 170 again! So I'm going to have to start running a lot more! Once I get to around 190, expect a letter asking for weight loss pills haha!! Everyone is so nice here though, and I'm becoming really close with them. Whenever we go to the mall for food with a member we end up getting more money then was spent because people see us and just want to pay for our food and give us money! There was one night we ended up getting around $80!! But the mission president has us send it to him and they put it into a charity, so it all goes to good use :) 

My companion has been out for a year now and is pretty good at teaching! It's been nice because I'm able to teach all the lessons and usually can think of some scriptures off the top of my head now depending on what questions they ask! And also it's been nice because after I workout, I just read my scriptures and its quiet so it gives me time to think about things! Since I've been out here, I just finished 2 Nephi last night!! I'm pretty excited about that! Everything is amazing out here and I couldn't be happier! Sorry I haven't been able to write a lot! I've had lessons I had to teach to kids and other members so I haven't had a lot of time to actually talk about things! Ofa atu!!!! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hey! So I can finally send you guys some pictures. But Hawaii is so beautiful!! My first day we went on a little hike and then we went back to the mission home and got to know everybody! We spent two days at the mission home and just studied and didn't do much! But then we got our early Christmas present which is where we will be serving! So right now I'm in Kaneohe on Oahu, and I'm serving in the 3rd and 4th wards here! My Trainer is Elder M and he's from Provo, UT. We get along really well and we're teaching 7 Investigators right now! But one of the huge things when I'm serving now is just re-activation so that's been the main focus out here. But everyone speaks Pideon out here so bumbai I'll be able to understand them more! haha But everything has been amazing, and I'm so blessed to be able to be in Hawaii serving a mission. Ofa atu!!!

By the way! I'm going to buy a ukulele! I've gotten really into them and I've learned two songs now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First Week

Hey guys! I have a lot of pictures that I wanted to send to you but our computers aren't letting any of us send them. But anyway.. The MTC has been amazing! I cant even begin to tell you how strong I've felt the spirit while I've been here. 

The first night was a little crazy because me and my companion had no clue where to go! But we finally found out where everything was. The second day we started teaching our first Investigator who's name is Raphael, and actually when we teach him today we are confirming a baptism with him! 

At the end of my day we got called into meetings to meet with President Callister and at the end of the night I was assigned to be a District leader. 

I'm pretty happy that I'm only here until Monday because we have all the people going to Russia in our dorm, and they have kind of gone insane after about 8 weeks here, haha. Now I'm teaching three investigators and one member who is from Hawaii and we get to Skype her every now and then! It's amazing how sensitive the Hawaiian people are to the spirit. I can't wait to write you guys again when I'm in Hawaii next week!!

Love you all. 
Elder Collings

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Call

July 25th, 2015. The call arrived.  What a surprise!!

Then it was time to buy suits!! Fun times at Mr Mac's!

Conner's farewell was on October 18th. He gave an amazing talk!  We had a lot of family and friends come over. Such a great day!!

We spent Conner's last family night home at Casa Del Rey in Grantsville. 

The only person missing in this family picture is Chris. So happy to have everyone together!!

Conner was set apart on October 20th by his dad. 

It's official!

Elder Conner Michael Collings was called to serve in the Hawaii, Honolulu mission. He was set apart tonight by his dad, President Stephen Collings. Bags are packed, he's ready to go. Just thought I'd upload a few pictures! Let the fun begin.