Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another transfer in Kalihi

So for transfers I'll be staying in Kalihi! My new companion will be Elder Gunnell. I've served with him before in Kaneohe and Mililani! So I'm pretty excited. He is about 6'7 hahaha So playing basketball with him is going to be really fun for finding people! So this week I had a real humbling experience. I was thinking to myself how come we don't see some of the great things that happen in the scriptures here today and what can I do or work on to see those things happen in my life? So I was studying in the bible dictionary about Faith. And towards the end it explained how when we use TRUE faith THEN we see miracles and visons healing etc.. So it humbled me to know that the only reason I don't see some of these things is because I'm lacking the faith to actually see them. So it was a real testimony to me that we can always increase our faith in Christ which comes from the simple things.. Daily scripture study, prayer and church etc.. By doing those things every day then we are slowly always building our faith and becoming more like our savior. But I love you guys all so much and hope you have a great week! It's going to be another fun 6 weeks here in Kalihi! hhaa 
Elder Collings

Monday, March 6, 2017

Lots of Success

Since it was a holiday I couldn't really write last week! So sorry.  I was able to use a members phone but couldn't send an email to everyone. We had a really good week this week! So we had 5 people with a baptismal date! Some of their names are hilarious.. So here are the names haha! Flava, Voldemort, Vladimir, Ashley, and Pamela! Kinda funny! 

This week we worked really hard to get our investigators and other people we visit, to sacrament meeting!  Kalihi Ward is pretty small for attendance.. there is normally maybe 30-40 people that come to sacrament meeting. But on Sunday we brought two big families, and it totaled up to about 20 people we were able to bring to sacrament meeting! It was a really crazy day haha! We taught elders quorum and Gospel Principles class and we had to watch a lot of the kids who we brought to church so their mom can listen, and not worry about the kids for awhile! We also had fellowshippers to go and pick all of them up from their house! So it was a pretty crazy day, but all in all it worked out great! The baptisms are set for March 9th, so we're pretty excited! 

All is going great! just working hard and loving it here! Hope you have a great week! And thank you for the birthday package! 
Love Elder Collings

We had a awesome week! So cool story... An old missionary who served in our ward about a year ago gave me a call and gave a a referral for someone he met when he served here! I was kinda laughing since he waited a year to tell about it but its ok haha! So he met her while he was knocking on doors and when she opened her door she explained how she had a dream the night before that Mormon Missionaries would come to her home and convert her! So she allowed them to come and teach etc.. But something happened and the elders stopped going haha! So then he gave us a call a year later.. Well, we went to contact her and it turns out, the day before we came, her son has been asking a lot of questions about Christ, and wanted to know about him! Then we showed up. So she felt it was meant to be and was an answer to prayers! We taught her and she came to church! So hopefully all will keep going well with her.

Another cool story! So we had even more people at church this week haha! We had the same group from last week, and two more less actives and one part member family! It was so cool to see all of them! Sundays have become very busy for us haha. But everything is going great! 

We'll have 3 baptisms this week. two had to be pushed back but should still be happening soon! But Voldemort is still getting baptized so I'm really excited about that. But Everything is really good! I love ya'll and hope you have a awesome week! 

Love Elder Collings