Monday, November 23, 2015

Speaking like the natives

This week was pretty awesome! We just decided to go tracting!! So we pulled over and started! No one answered for quite awhile.. But by the end we found 2 new investigators!! So that was really cool. 

Yesterday one of the presidents counselors came to our ward and pulled me aside. He has a really close friend that just went through a really hard time... he used to be pretty anti-mormon from what the members have told me haha! But I guess from some of the things he has gone through, he decided he wants to learn more about the church!! So we are starting our lessens with him next week! 

Other than that we pretty much just met with our normal investigators and less actives! I'm getting myself ready for Thanksgiving.. I'm not too excited! We have been invited to eat at at least 6 different places and of course everyone here eats A TON.. So Thursday I'm probably going to be pretty sick haha!! 

Everything is going really good! People are telling me that they think I've lived here for awhile because I can speak Pideon pretty good now! So that's been really fun!

Love Elder Collings

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