Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sick companion

This is a combination of letters for the past two weeks:

Hey Mom! I love you guys and it was awesome to see the picture of everyone! 

So sorry I couldn't email yesterday I had to take my companion to the hospital and he might need to go home from his mission... So I wasn't able to write. But I'll let you guys know what happens next week. I cant believe you guys leave for your mission tomorrow! I hope dad had an awesome fathers day and I hope he knows I love him! Love you.

Crazy week! I'm sorry I haven't been able to write much.. For basically the past month I've just been kind of taking care of Elder P! He has been struggling a lot with many different things.. And to top it off last week he got MRSA all over his legs ... So we were in the hospital all day for a week. And we had to meet with the mission president and a lot of medical people from the church etc.. But anyways Elder P ended up going home :( But it wasn't a sad experience... He knew he has some things to fix when he is home and he is excited to conquer them and come back out on a mission! 

So my new companion is Elder L he is a Pompeian elder and grew up there for most his childhood! and his mom moved the family to South Carolina before he came on his mission! We get along really well! We have a lot of things in common haha! But everything is going great! We had 2 baptism dates and one coming up in July! I can't believe you're in Uganda! haha its so insane. I love you! Have a great week President and Sister Collings ;)

Love Conner

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