Monday, July 11, 2016

The work is progressing

Super cool all of your pictures! The computer I'm  at this week can't upload pictures! But next week I'll show you a picture of me and my companion. We had an awesome week! the ward trust is really growing and we're getting a lot of referrals! So we have been pretty busy. 

Me and elder Levaie had two pretty cool experiences this week. So on Tuesday we went to contact a referral that was given to us! So when we walked to the door we could tell they were members haha so they let us in and invited us over for lunch! It turned out the referral fell through and they had someone they wanted us to teach but they left! So after the lunch we continued to go and do some of our visits! We decided to go visit the Sua's and when we knocked on their door one of the kids from the family who fed us lunch was there! I guess they are on the same football team so they hang out a lot! So after we both were out of shock we used him to be a fellowship for the Sua family! So pretty cool.. we're going to start teaching him the lessons. So that was a cool blessing! The next one is me and Elder Levaie went to go get some dinner at Costco haha.. When we showed up a lady who was a return missionary  for about 2 weeks and her mom came and bought us dinner! We started to talk and I guess Elder Levaie's brother was companions with one of their brothers! So both the families knew each other! And then they asked where I was from and I guess the mother's husband is from Grantsville as well and they just got back from visiting family for the 4th of July! And they knew dad because they were in the same stake as us.. So that was pretty nuts! They ended up inviting us to a big party they are having thisSaturday  and we're going to teach some of their family. So crazy how everything works out. I met our new president and he gave me a big hug from you guys!! haha 

I love you guys and hope all is well.

Elder Collings

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