Thursday, December 29, 2016

Three weeks of letters

December 5:

This week was real good! The family I told you about last week we met with them yesterday! Turns out one of them has been baptized already! But the other kid has not been. So we're excited to be teaching them! She has a baptismal date for the end of December! But this week while we did a lot of street contacting and passing out all of the #LightTheWorld pass along cards, we had a lot of success! It was really cool because while we were doing it, we even had some people come up to us and wanted to meet with us! Then others asked for Book of Mormons and some other things! It was real fun. 

So we ran into a problem while doing laundry.. me and my companion put our clothes in together and he left some gum and chapstick in his pants! So I have two pairs of pants that I can't wear anymore :/ So for Christmas or something I could use a couple dollars to go buy pants from Ross or something! haha I love you guys! Hope you had a great week. Love Elder Collings 

December 12:

We had a pretty fun week! our area flooded .. so we were locked up for most of the time.. and on Monday I  had to go to the doctors to get some stitches.. hahaha I was hiking and some bamboo got the best of my hand.. but don't worry I'm totally fine. :) 

December 19:

The flood was ok! In Kihei it normally only rains about 2-3 times a year! It's just normally really hot and crazy! But when it flooded, it rained the whole week! So by Sunday almost all of the roads were shut down! We live right by the ocean so we had to sleep at the zone leaders home, since the water was getting close haha! But it wasn't bad.. there was a guy kayaking down the road hahha!!

My finger was a pretty good cut ha! We were hiking on P-day and broke a piece of Bamboo.. And bamboo is really sharp when you break it! It cut my pointer finger pretty good! I had to get stitches and get part of it glued.. but I'm totally ok! It's more just annoying having my finger wrapped up and trying to type or write things down hahaha! It doesn't hurt and is healing just ok so no need to worry :)

I was told I can call you on Christmas eve! I can plan on calling around 6:30am Hawaii time, and if we can find someone to FaceTime, I'll FaceTime you guys! But if not I'll just give you a call :)

So we had a crazy week! There was some things going on in Kihei and we got whitewashed out.. So I am now back on Oahu! Serving in Moanalua Samoan ward! haha I'll be there at least until this transfer ends or maybe stay. I'll just have to see when transfers come! My new companions are Elders Alalatoa from Western Samoa and Elder Ball from Alberta Canada haha! It's been a real good time! But for now I'm just learning the area and meeting all of the investigators here! We teach a lot of Samoan people, so me and Elder Ball have no idea what's going on during the lessons since it's all in Samoan haha! But the spirit is always there.

Sorry for the short emails we've just been really busy! I love you and can't wait to call this week! Alofa atu ma manuia le aso!!! 


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