Sunday, January 1, 2017


It was nice talking to you guys! Christmas is a little weird without snow huh? hahahaha  But we had a great week. We decided one night when we were street contacting that we would say a prayer and ask for a very specific person we could teach the gospel too.. So in the prayer we asked that we would find someone wearing a yellow shirt that would let us teach him! So we walked down some alleys and streets for awhile and we found someone wearing a yellow shirt! So we jumped on it and started talking to him haha! But it was crazy! He knew exactly where the church was. His boss has been inviting him to come to church and he said he has been searching for a church as well! So we invited him to come to our Christmas Sunday Sacrament Meeting! It was so cool how we acted on that little particle of faith and the Lord blessed us with someone to teach his gospel too. 

We had a awesome christmas! Lots of people had us to their homes and the fed us plenty haha! The Light the World challenge was amazing as well. Each day we would send out a mass text to all of our investigators, less actives, and anyone in the ward or zone that wanted to hear what the challenge was for the day! Almost everyone talked about amazing experiences that they had while trying to Light the World. 

I love ya'll and Mele Kalikimaka!!!

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