Friday, September 8, 2017

Two weeks of letters and a transfer

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Aloha! So super crazy week.. So the Samoan family we were teaching did transfer to the Samoan ward, we knew it was the right thing to do! They are still so solid! And will be getting baptized! But I can't be there..

So Last transfer I don't know if I told you, but I got into a car crash... "Everyone was OK!" So President Bekker told me to drive as safe as possible and he was going to have to do an Emergency Transfer since Elder Fakahau can't drive, and mission policy says I can't drive now either.  :( So right now I'm actually on the Big Island of Hawaii in Waimea! And I'll be finishing my mission here. Its so weird!! There is nothing lol!! It is all country and looks like I'm back in Utah! Everyone farms over here and there are horses and cattle everywhere. It's super weird. But it's so nice over here! I left my camera on Oahu so our Zone Leaders are going to send it over to me, then I'll send you some pictures! So I'm a District Leader over here and we have two companionship's in our district. It's crazy, one of the companionship's lives over an hour away from us! The other one is close to it as well. For us to get any commissary or see any other missionaries in our zone, it's over an hour drive to get to Kona driving through back roads hahaha! It's super weird. I don't feel like I'm in Hawaii lol!! But we have a really great ward and some pretty solid investigators who we'll be working with! So I'm excited to see what'll happen in this next transfer. I love you guys! Hope you have a great week.

Elder Collings

Oh p.s. I forgot. My new companions name is Elder Durrant! He is from San Francisco and speaks Japanese! Pretty cool guy. 

Aloha! We had a pretty good week this week.
So we were going down our list of former investigators and came across one of them and we felt like we should go stop by! Their names are Lon & Susannah Kumanu, so we stopped by and just talked stories with them for awhile to get to know them better. After we shared a scripture about families, we told them what family home evening was and asked if it was okay to come over and have a family home evening with them, and they said yes! They would love it. Susannah has been searching for a church to take her daughter to! So after we explained what family night was and then told her about primary she loved it!! It was really awesome because for our family home evening, we were able to contact the primary president to come with us so she could explain even more about what they do in the primary.. All in all it was just amazing! They really liked the family night! So this Sunday they all came to church and just really fell in love! So they are progressing really well, and we're excited to go over tonight for the family night, this time its at our primary president's house! And we're bringing our bishop to be able to formally introduce himself. So pray for us, and hope everything goes perfect like last week!! :)

Also in Waimea it's just all farm land.. So we have been really busy doing service for members and non members, working on their ranch and properties, and just lots of other things! It's really weird, it doesn't feel like I'm in Hawaii! And it's SO cold lol. I haven't been cold in so long and I'm definitely a little baby to the cold. "Like always."

Also something really cool, we stopped by a little catholic church where they have a thrift shop and gave them some clothes. We just talked with some of the aunties, and they said they really need more man power and other things to help, it's just getting too hard for them! So we told them we could come over and do service for them! They were super surprised that Mormons asked if they could help lol!  But they were so thankful! It ended up we'll be going there once a week to help with the thrift shop, and also to do home visits to some of the kapuna's dropping them off dinner! And that was the best part!!! They have had just other volunteers from their church helping do all this for a long time! But now that we're going and helping "In our white shirt and ties and tag and all" All of them are so surprised haha! Rumor has spread through like our whole farm town that we'll help people out! So it's just been awesome! That church really loves us now. 

Elder Collings

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