Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A visit from Elder Holland

 So last week we did service for almost half the week! We went to a lady named "Auntie D" and she is very disabled and can't move.. and she has been running out of money because the tenants renting out her apartment weren't paying their rent and that's her only income! She couldn't do anything about it because she is bed bound. They finally got the tenants out from the house and they had pretty much destroyed it! 

One of our members called us up and we helped this whole week to renovate it! Now the church is renting it out to some sister missionaries!! Which gets me into my next story haha! 

We had transfers last week and they brought in new sisters to take over the Kaneohe 4th ward. I'm only in the 3rd ward now! But since the sister missionaries have to have a car.. we had to give them our car. So now I'm on a bike hahha!! It's awesome though, I love riding it around! Everyone always honks their horns and waves at us. 

When Elder Holland came it was amazing! I got to see him two days in a row, because we had a meeting with all the missionaries, and then on Sunday we had a special stake conference with him as well! He was super funny!! At the missionary meeting, he told us he wanted to shake all of our hands and wanted us to tell him our name and where we are from. So we all lined up 1 by 1 and shook his hand! And he just left it at that.. about half way through his talk he paused and said elders and sisters... I didn't really care about your names or where you're from.. I already forgot them anyway.. But what I did want to do is interview you! And lucky for you, you all passed. hahaha!! It was insane!! 

Part of his talk was him telling us about what makes him  the most sad.. and he said that when he sees a less active RM he can't stand it. And after that he started yelling at us and said "YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO BACK TO WHO YOU WERE BEFORE YOUR MISSION! YOU LITERALLY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT!" Then he started talking about all the covenants we made etc.. But needless to say I don't think anyone in the Hawaii Honolulu mission is going to be less active now.. hahaha! It scared me half to death!!!! 

Other than that I have just been doing my best to be the best servant of the Lord I can be!! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Collings. 

PS/Happy late birthday mom!!!! I have a card I'm going to send home soon!!!! :):)  Love you! Glad you're doing better.

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