Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 16th

That's crazy that you're moving out of your house! Who is going to move into the house? And where are you going to put everything? But I've been able to see the blessing from taking that step and following Christ so much in my own life on my mission so I wanted to share :) I'm so glad it helped you, mom. How excited are you that it's getting closer to leaving on your mission? :) That's awesome! 

I like Jason Killian a lot! That will be exciting to go home to him as the Stake President! 

I did a ton of service last week and we are trying to get a multi congregational Easter devotional so I've spent a couple of days looking for pastors who are interested! It was nice to hear from you and I love you! Hope your week isn't too stressful trying to pack everything haha! 

Love Elder Collings

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