Saturday, May 27, 2017


Aloha and malo lelei! 
We made some good progress this week! In our Palangi ward we have so much work! It's crazy. We have about 4 part member families who we are teaching that are coming to church every week. All of them have kids who need to be baptized. It's pretty hard because the whole family including the kids want to be baptized, the only hold back is that the fathers of all these kids won't allow it. We discussed this in our ward council and we'll be holding a fast this fast and testimony meeting coming up to soften the hearts of the fathers of these families that we can help them. I'm not too worried because I know the Lord can soften hearts so I'm excited for these coming weeks. In the Tongan ward we are still trying to work with the ward for referrals but as much as we try I think they mistake referrals for food sometimes hahaha! But I'm trying to learn as much as possible! Over all everything is going great. Hope you have a great week! And happy birthday dad!! Ofa atu
 Elder Collings

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