Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Transferred to a Tongan Ward

So I'm getting transferred to Waipahu! I'll be serving in a Tongan ward now.. haha! It'll be interesting to try and learn Tongan. I'm sorry I didn't email last week! But man, I had a really crazy week this week! I'm pretty sad to leave Kalihi but the ward is still in good hands. We were able to meet a new person this week and set them with a date and bring them to church. So hopefully in this up coming transfer she will be able to progress more! I'm getting really bad with emails again haha so I apologize.. I get really busy and so much is going on.. and with the college applications before I didn't have time to email a lot because we only have one hour to email a week. But now  its calmed down so I'll start writing more I promise haha! I love you! And I can't wait to talk to you guys! 
Ofa atu! Tau toki sio!

Aloha and Malo lelei! 
Pretty crazy week this week! So being in the Tongan ward I cover all of Oahu now. Wherever Tongan members live in our ward we can go see them. It's very different from being in a normal ward because we can do any finding by ourselves now. All of our work has to be generated by the members.  So pretty much all we are doing is going through our ward list and visiting everyone and teaching them, then asking for family or friends we can teach. So far we have found one person we're teaching and we set him with a baptismal date for June 3rd. he is living in their house and was curious what we had to share! My goal now is to not get fat at all.. but its pretty hard haha! After I called home on mothers day, we had three dinner appointments and all of them made us so much food! We always eat a lot on our mission in Hawaii but this is somethin crazy hahaha! The saying they have over here is "Kai ke mate" Which means.. Eat until you die. haha! So pray for me. And maybe send some weight loss pills. Love Elder Collings

New Companion


  1. Looks like eating like a Tongan hasn't affected those big guns arms of yours!!!