Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Preparing for the Temple

This week was an adventure. We have been trying to contact all of the part member families in our ward. While we were walking through an apartment complex looking for one of the houses, we had a girl who came and stopped me and the elder I was on exchanges with. She told us that her husband is a Mormon and he is kinda lost right now, he hasn't been to church in years and she felt like he may be depressed and just told us all these things about him. Then in closing she said that he could really use good friends from his church to help give him a foundation in life. I started to tell her about how our church is all family orientated and that we would love to come in to share a message with them. She was excited and brought us in and we taught their family. The lesson we taught was about having a foundation on Jesus Christ, and how the ways that we can simply do that is by practicing CPR: Church, Praying & Reading the scriptures. We commited them to start as a family that day to do those things and they agreed! The next day was Sunday and they came to church! And it just so happened early that morning I got a call to speak in sacrament meeting, haha and we were singing in the choir as well! It was a very busy day. But my talk was all on how the scriptures influence our lives, and I shared some stories about the scriptures blessing me in my life. After sacrament meeting that couple came and invited us over for dinner that night! Even though we are constantly stuffed we accepted so we could go teach them again haha! She shared that night how their family wants to be sealed in the temple and asked how that process is. So we told them how the first step for now is baptism!  We have lessons we come to teach people to help them reach that point. So they told us they would love to take the lessons and work on progressing to that point.
It was an awesome experience! The Lord truly does answer prayers and help lead us to those who are searching for the truth. It's always an amazing experience whenever the Lord uses you as a instrument in his work to share the gospel. Hope you guys have an awesome week! Love Elder Collings

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