Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Livin Reggae nation but it ain't no Vacation

We had a really good week! Me and Elder Heimburger were joking around.. We both gained testimonys on dinner calenders this week hahaha! One of our old former investigators signed up for dinner a month back.. So we called them and wanted to see if they be willing to feed us "So we could talk to them again" haha But he told us he'll let us know, but if his wife says no then he just won't call back and that's how we will get our answer! 

So we waited and he called us back and told us that they would drop us off some Mcdonalds gift cards haha! So we met up with them and nothing really happened and they drove away.. But I told Elder Heimburger at least they'll think of us a little bit today and maybe we planted a seed again.. 

Sure enough he called us again and asked if we could get him some tithing slips and he said he'll ask his wife if she wants to be taught again.. So we agreed and met up once more! She told us she doesn't want to take the lessons but said thank you! 

Then he called us again and asked for a Book of Mormon so she could read it and pray if its true.. So we met up and did it once more! and then they went on their way.. And we just already thought that was pretty cool but then about an hour later he called again and wanted to meet up! So she ended up telling us why she lost interest in the church and we were able to talk to her about those problems and now we are going to start teaching her again! All of that happened in one day haha!! But now we have testimony's on dinner calender's so thats pretty cool! But I love you and hope you have a great week! Elder Collings

We had a good week this week! President Bekker allowed us to go to a service project at Ford Island, and we were givin tickets to go to the aviation museum there!  We've had a ton of service lately haha a lot of our ward is moving out, or moving in.. So I guess we're the professional movers now haha! 

We were able to go support one of our youth in a powderpuff game as well it was pretty funny, everyone was real confused when they saw missionaries walking into a football game! 

After the game we were given dinner from one of our families and this is what was on one of the plates haha 

The work here has been really good But I've been in this area for so long that I've literally been though everything multiple times haha so it's a little hard to keep busy at times! So we've been working with the ward members a lot and the less actives so we can keep busy! But I've been so lucky to be in two great areas for so long on my mission! I've grown so close to people here in the Waipiolani ward! 

Love you guys and I love getting all the email from you and dad! haha it's pretty funny to see dad playing pros basketball with all of them! Me and dad can challenge some people once I come to stay with ya'll for a bit ;) hahaha

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