Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No more tracting

We had a good week. We had the opportunity to go to MLC this week, and it was pretty crazy.. Steve Allen, who is over all the missionaries in the world came! He was asking us a lot of questions about how we find people.. Our mission tracts a lot, haha! So in a very loving manner he looked at us and yelled "YOU DONT GET IT DO YOU!" and then he looked at the AP's and said, "And I know you dont get it because I tracted all day with you yesterday!" haha... It was pretty intense to say the least.. So now we don't tract anymore as a mission, haha. 

For ward council this week we had to explain to our ward and stake leaders that we need a lot more help finding people because we can't just go tracting anymore.. They were supper supportive and are helping us a ton! I'm pretty excited to start looking for other ways to find people. So this week I've learned a lot! He also committed us to watch The District everyday, and study Preach my Gospel in personal study and companion study! We'll see how that goes! That part isn't that new because I have to be doing it with Elder Heimburger while I'm training him, so I'm used to it already haha! 

Everything is going great! Thank you for the pictures of Harvey! 
Love you guys! 
Elder Collings

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