Sunday, September 4, 2016

Transfer news

We had an awesome week! I got transfer news and lucky to say all is staying the same! So I'll be in Mililani for 6 months! haha kinda funny.. 2 areas in one year! But I'm really grateful I get to stay another transfer here. The ward is amazing! And we have a lot of work as well.. So time just flies. 

We are teaching a new family as well! The Brown family. She is a returning less active and wants to take all the lessons again! She has two boys who aren't members and are around my age. She told us it's been really hard, because the boys will ask her questions but she doesn't know the answers.. So she decided to give us a call so we can teach them. They are an awesome family! She is excited because she feels like this is giving her a backbone again in the gospel. After the lesson the spirit was so strong! She was so grateful after a couple tears she told us she forgot what she has been missing out on all these years of not coming to church. It was a awesome testimony booster. 

Other than that, we're just keeping busy and trying to work hard! haha It's been a little rough because I've tracted out our whole area and been through every name in our area book! So now when we go tracting or go through our area book, a lot of people recognize me from last time after they told me no.. haha whoops! But everything is going great! 

I love you guys! 
Elder Collings

After one of our lessons we were given a watermelon... Don't know why, but we were. So of course I ate it. But a member saw us and thought it was funny and wanted to take a picture since I was eating it with a knife. Haha.
Mom here... I received a letter from President and Sister Chatfield. They were just released as Mission President and Wife of the Uganda Kampala Mission. They were visiting family in Hawaii, and took our missionary and his companion to dinner. Made us so happy!!

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