Monday, September 5, 2016

Success through sports

We had a great week! Lots of surprises haha! So in my district now Elder Kirkham is back And Elder Morrey my trainer is her now as well! So even though its a new transfer I know my district even better!

Brother P had his Baptism interview and we taught him his last lesson! So he'll be baptized this Friday! haha

So on Friday I got a text from President Bekker saying there was a family who wanted to meet me and asked if I could make a trip to go see them.. So I was a little confused, but he ended up calling me later and said it was the Chatfield family! (They were the mission president in Uganda before Steve and I) I was able to have a very nice dinner with them and talk about their mission in Uganda as well. It was crazy some of the stories that they have had! I was really happy President Bekker allowed us to see them.

We had a couple funny stories! So I got bored of tracting one day.. So we challenged some college kids to basketball! I told them If we win we get to teach a lesson and if they do we'll go buy them drinks! So they accepted and of course we won because we have the spirit with us.. haha.  But we taught them and then told them that we play basketball at the church every Thursday! And since then one of those guys has been texting us everyday and asking what time our services are at and inviting us to go on hikes etc.. So we actually found a solid investigator from playing Pros ball haha! Also we have a group of around 20-25 non members who we play volleyball with, and they have been wanting to come to church and figure out more about what we believe! haha we've found a lot of success by playing sports here which  I don't  mind at all!

Everything is going great! And I love you guys

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