Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fifteen Referrals!

We had a real fun week! Kihei is very touristy so wherever we go we always run into members somewhere.. So this week we got 15 referrals from members! It was the craziest thing.. haha!

This ward hasn't had their own missionaries in a long time so they are really trying to help us out a lot. It has been really cool! It's the first time on my mission I've had to keep track of the referrals we have gotten. The ward really trusts us and is helping us any way they can, so I'm pretty happy out here haha!

It's been real fun with elder Lokotui! I just figured out he actually has a scholarship to play safety for BYU when he gets done with his mission! Pretty cool haha! For our studies I've been helping him with English and he has been teaching me Tongan! But man I've been so lucky to train two missionaries who are so cool!

Everything is going good and hope you're doing ok! Love you! 

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