Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ofa Ki He Hoa!

Man this week was crazy!! I said all my goodbyes Monday and Tuesday which always really stinks.. haha So I didn't like that part as much! But Wednesday morning Elder Heimburger dropped me off at the airport and I met my new greenie there! Elder Lokotui He he is from Ha'apai Tonga! So to start off our day, once we got home and unpacked a little bit, I took him tracting! As soon as we started, some Jehovah witnesses came and started knocking on all the doors right after we got done knocking on them.. So I wasn't too happy about that.. Won't talk too much about that! haha But we are just trying to kick start the ward! There isn't much going on right now so we're just trying to find people and visit members for referrals which has worked pretty good! We have gotten 5 referrals since Wednesday so It should keep us busy. But on Thursday we spoke in a missionary fireside with our WML and then Friday there was a wedding reception for our ward, and our bishop told us to come, so we did! And then he called me to say the prayer for them hahaha! I've never done that before.. So that was fun! And on Sunday we gave talks at church! haha poor Elder Lokotui we've had to give all these talks in front of a lot of people! Church on Sundays has a lot of people because of all the tourists coming to Maui! But it's been an awesome week all in all. We have a lot of people to see and the ward trust is building! I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Elder Collings

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